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About CnectStore

You set high standards for the products and systems you work with. They should be simple and quick to install. You pay for reliability, flexibility and the highest quality. CnectStore delivers products that are Plug & Play, modular and high quality. Each module is designed for a specific function in the workplace, developed to contribute to the quality of the whole. You can thus choose from a wide range of innovative connectivity modules that allow easy integration in the workplace.

For everything to work together perfectly, it comes down to each component. CnectStore supplies you with original modules that are specifically tailored to your needs, with great precision made ​​and tested. This ensures optimum functionality and quality. This also enables us to use the best products to match the individual needs of each workplace. 

CnectStore products can be applied to office workplaces, presentation rooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, multimedia rooms, reception desks, hotel rooms and kitchens ......