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EVOline customs / specials

EVOline Modules Modulair for maximum customization. EVOline products can be fitted with a large range of switches, plugs, data connections, multimedia and security modules. Below is an overview of available module components.

Power Modules          • Data Modules          • Multimedia Modules          • Switches          (This overview is not complete, there are more module variants available)

How does it work?
Click  >>> here <<<  to send us an email with the specifications you need. We will send you a quotation that, after you agree, will be scheduled for production. Because of our direct link into the EVOline factory we can supply you with almost any kind of custom / special within a very short time period. After your payment has been received the production to shipping time is about 12-14 days.

What do we need for the production of customs / specials?
- The type of console (profile type). F.I.: Fliptop, Dock, Port etc.
- The different types of modules and the amount you need. F.I.: 2x socket VDE, 1x socket UK, 1x socket DK, 2x data RJ45, 1x HDMI etc.
- The connection type. F.I.: Connection cable VDE, Wieland GST18 bus, Wago/Winsta bus etc.

Power modules

Data Modules

Multimedia Modules