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» Qi1002 invisible wireless power charger 
» White EVOline Dock and R-Dock available
» EVOline Bridge accessoiries
» EVOline Port USB charger

Q-inside invisible wireless power charger 

You’re tired of having lots of wires and power supplies on your desk. Here is the solution, Equip your desk with the new Qi1001 Embedded Transmitter, the wireless inductive power transmission in accordance with Qi standards.


 What is Qi - How Qi Works 

Qi is the new universal standard for inductive charging. It’s a common language for inductive chargers and devices to talk to one another. So any device with a Qi-enabled accessory or with Qi built directly into it can charge on any Qi inductive charging pad.

Inductive charging is what happens when two devices—one designed to send power and the other designed to receive it—touch one another and energy is transferred between them. Until today, these two devices had to be designed specifically for each other. But Qi changes all that.

Think back to the first time you heard of Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi™. Just like those technologies set the standard for hands-free and Internet connections, Qi is how everyone will use inductive charging in the future. Established by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Qi allows you to universally charge your Qi-enabled smartphones, cameras, mp3 players and anything else that uses up to 5W without directly plugging in those devices. We anticipate Qi will be widely adopted by consumer electronics device manufacturers and other members of the WPC, providing you with the freedom to charge all Qi-enabled devices on a single charging station without multiple cords and eventually without accessories. Because Qi is the next generation of inductive charging.

 Wireless Power Consortium 
Established in 2008, the WPC is an open-membership cooperation of Asian, European, and American companies in diverse industries, including electronics manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). WPC is working toward the global standardization of wireless charging technology.
The WPC’s standard for wireless power, called “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) creates interoperability between the device providing power (power transmitter, charging station) and the device receiving power (power receiver, portable device). Using the Qi standard, a range of mobile electronics will be able to use magnetic induction to recharge simply by being near a single power transmitter. For more information:

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EVOline White Dock and R-Dock available 

From April 2013 new white versions of the EVOline Dock and R-Dock are available. Besides the EVOline Fliptop, that was already available as white and black version, the EVOline Dock and R-Dock are now available in white.

Witte R-Dock

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EVOline Bridge accessoiries 

Finally there are forks and joints available for the frequently used EVOline Bridge duct profiles. Besides a 90 degrees angle/corner, fork/joint and cross module, there is a modul for connecting the EVOline Bridge to the EVOline Wirelane cableduct available. De suitability of the Bridge ducts is further enhanced by these modules. The result is a good looking and professional solution to get rid of loose cables.

Long expected was the verticale module. With this module the (floor) duct system can also be used on walls. A very common use, is for a modern LCD/LED monitor or flatscreen TV to be tightly mounted to the wall. All necessary cabeling comes from the floor up to the wall through EVOline Bridge ducts. A great solution, the monitor or TV looks like it's standing on the Bridge duct. This can also be done from the ceiling, the monitor or TV seems to be hanging from the EVOline Bridge duct profile.

Bridge accessoires

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EVOline Port USB Charger 

Besides 2 power sockets, this EVOline Port has a USB charger unit for all devices that can be charged via USB. Two USB devices can be connected at the same time. A very practical solution; no adapters and long cables lying around anymore.

The charging unit works for: Mobile phones, MP3 players, Apple products (IPhone, Ipad), Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Tab and all kind of video players. Usable for all devices that can be chargerd via USB.

EVOline Port USB Charger

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